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I still don't get it.  Wha?

Each day there's a new local deal on Snaggit.  It's a great deal.  Buy it.  If enough people buy in, then print your coupon and use it!  If not enough people buy in, then you get your buy-in refunded immediately.  That's it.

Do I have to sign people up like some whacked-out pyramid scheme?

Good grief.. no.  We hope you'll share the deal with your friends and spread the word about Snaggit, but that's it.  The more the merrier!  The more people we have buying Snaggit deals every day, but more likely local businesses will be to give you an amazing deal.  Makes sense, right?

How do I buy a Snaggit deal?

Click the "Buy Now" button. On the next page, click the orange "Snaggit! (and continue...)" button.  On the next page, click the orange "Continue to Payment" button.  You are then taken to the PayPal payment page.  You can either pay by logging into PayPal OR you can simply click on "Pay using a credit card" without logging into a PayPal account.

What happens if the Snaggit deal doesn't reach its required minimum number of buy-ins?

If not enough people buy in, then the deal is canceled, and you won't be charged. That's why you need to harass your friends to buy the deal too!  You don't want to be missing the deal YOU want.

When can I take my Snaggit coupon to the merchant and use it?

Unless otherwise stated, you can use the coupon the next day.

Can I combine my Snaggit coupon with other offers, sales or special deals?

Nope. Sorry.

If I don't use the full value of the Snaggit coupon, do I get money back? Can I use the balance later on?

Unless otherwise stated you do not receive store credit or cash back for whatever you don't use.

Ok, I bought the deal.  What now?

1.  You should login at Snaggit.ca and go to My Coupons.   2.  Then, print your Snaggit coupon.  3.  take it to the merchant and enjoy your great savings!

I bought more than one coupon, but I only got one email notification.

Don't worry, all your coupons are available for printing.  You only get one coupon notification per order.  Just login and print.

I use Chrome for my browser and can't print the coupon. What gives?

There is a glitch in Chrome for some reason.  Please open up Firefox or Safari and print the coupon.  We're working to get this fixed.

I got an Coupon notification email from you, and it's all gibberish. What do I do?

Another glitch we're working on.  Just login at Snaggit.ca to print your coupons.

Can I buy the deal and give the coupon to someone as a gift?

Gee.. you're very kind!  Yes, We hope you do!

How do I get my business on Snaggit?

Now you're talking.  Go HERE to learn why it's a great idea.

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