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Feature your business on Snaggit, Fredericton's "deal a day" social buying website.

We want your business on Snaggit.  There’s no upfront cost, no design charges, no printing costs, no advertising fee.  All we need from you to get started is a great deal for Frederictonians.

Snaggit is a unique promotion/advertising opportunity that gets the word out about your business to literally thousands of Frederictonians through a one-day “flash” promotion through email, Twitter, Facebook and word of mouth.  It’s the only advertising medium that guarantees to pay back every penny of your advertising budget.  It’s also unique in that it gets local customers EXCITED to buy in to the deal.

We look for a discount at your business to get folks excited and talking about you.  That's where the real value lies.  Snaggit's portion is taken from a completed sale and no more.  You only pay for your sales, not your advertising.  You get the advertising regardless.

"Snaggit was a nice surprise for us. We had a 98% success rate on sales, got new customers, put money in the bank and ..created some great buzz about Relish. A super return on our investment!"
Rivers Corbett, Relish Gourmet Burgers

What's it all about?  Group Buying is huge, and gaining in popularity by the day.  Snaggit is a local Fredericton-based Group Buying website.  Social Buying, Group Buying, Collective Buying.. it goes by many names, but the idea is simple:

    1. Snaggit provides your great deal to local buyers for 1 day. 

    2. Our website members are alerted to your deal through email, Facebook and Twitter.

    3. To ensure that you get your full benefit as a business, we set a required minimum.  When enough folks have snagged the deal, the deal is on.  Because of this, users in turn are incented to share your deal to their own friends and social networks.

Who has already done a successful Snaggit deal?  The Blue Door, Relish Gourmet Burgers, The Grill on York, Jack & Andy’s, Made You Blush, AIDS NB, The Garrison District Ale House and more.  Every single one have said they’ll do it again.

Unlike traditional promotion or advertising, you pay nothing up front to feature your business on Snaggit.  We work with you to build a great deal, set a buying minimum to make it worth your while and then promote your business across our networks.  You get paying customers.  Period.  We are only paid a portion of sold deals and nothing more.  Snaggit collects all the money from deal participants up-front.  Guaranteed sales for you.

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