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How Snaggit Works

It couldn't be easier...

Snaggit is your place to find an awesome local deal each day. Signup to recieve the Snaggit Daily Deal in your inbox and never miss your chance to save 40%, 50% even 60-70% off a cool product or service!

Don't miss a deal....

Check your Email, Twitter or Facebook feed for your awesome local daily deal on Snaggit.ca. We work with great local businesses to bring you a daily deal worth 50%, 60%, even 70% off sweet stuff you want to try!

Get your friends in on the deal to make sure the minimum number of buyers is met, and the deal unlocked. Refer your friends and get "Snaggit Bucks", that you can use to pay for your next Snaggit deal. Getting people in on the deal is what "social buying" is all about!

Either print your deal voucher (available the day after the deal is complete) from the email receipt you will receive or log in to your account to print your coupons. Take your coupon, present it to the business and ENJOY!

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